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Obituary - November 21st, 2023

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Myles Edward Pavelich left this world suddenly on Monday, November 21st, 2023. He passed away peacefully in his own home in Calgary at the age of 67.

As a young man growing up in Kenaston, Saskatchewan, it was obvious from an early age where his talents would be taking him. He was a fun-loving and curious young man, who was nicknamed “Professor” by a mechanic friend of the family. He would busy himself taking apart anything electronic – he just had to see what made things tick.


Myles surrounded himself with music, and upon high school graduation, decided to enroll in Radio & Technology at a technical school in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

From there, Myles worked as a technician while honing his retail skills in the audio industry in Saskatoon. Hungry for knowledge, Myles attended a sound engineering workshop in Florida hosted by the top names in the music industry at the time. In Florida, he got his first real taste of a professional recording studio; this, coupled with his entrepreneurial skills, led him to open his own storefront in Saskatoon – “Total Audio” - in the highly competitive audio industry. His combination of skills and experiences built a business ethic that called for a larger center, where he then moved to Calgary. He provided high end sales and services, including studio production, and soon developed a strong reputation as the go-to guy for anything audio, working with clients globally.

His list of affiliations are too long to list, but being a total professional led him to base his skills from a home-business setting, where he offered technical expertise, advice, and consultation on every level. He was a true audiofile through and through, and if you needed anything related to the music industry, who you gonna call? Myles. You will be sorely missed by family and friends and customers.

Myles – Keep on Rockin’!


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Music, Video, Film, and Image Restoration and Transfer at it's finest!

Myles Pavelich has 35+ years experience in Analog Audio / Video
from Hi-End Consumer to Professional Studio Multi-Track.

OVERVIEW: After 10 successful years of local high end audio equipment and music transfer business, it was time to go global.

Audioanalogy musicworks was born out of the enjoyment of "analog" music, be it "vinyl" or "tape" and seeing a need from many people no longer able to enjoy these formats in a convenient fashion.

Myles Pavelich - Vinyl Library

These "new" convenient transfer formats began with the compact disc and now the portable listening formats ( wav, mp3, wma) have been added to the mix.

In the beginning I personally experienced much disappointment once the computer was introduced into the mix. The lack of sofistication in the programs available for the "clean-up" (groove noise, ticks & pops, hiss) part of the process was apparent and really messed with the "fidelity" of the music.

Time passed and things improved drastically and with vastly improved software we were finally able to developed a process that we could be more than happy with.

I soon realized that nothing had changed as to how important it remained for process to start utilizing the "best" analog playback equipment available. This is sure to never change.

Many years have passed and we have been able to accumulate a vast collection of the finest "analog" playback equipment ever available to cover all the formats from early edison cylinder recordings to the finest vinyl records & tape ever produced.

All levels of media Printing / Packaging available as well.

Located in the beautiful Western Canadian Foothills setting of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.