Audiophile Quality Analog to Digital Music / Film / Video Transfer

Standard Services at Audioanalogy Musicworks


Transfer of all types of vinyl and records

(1) Vinyl (Long Play / 45 & 78 RPM Records)

Simply put, the fine art of recovering ALL that wonderful sound that exists in the grooves of your precious records.

LP - $14.00 to $24.00 per LP to CD transfer. ($40.00 minimum charge for any work performed).

$14.00 - The entry level rate still includes your LP being Cleaned & Vaccumed prior to transfer and full BLANKET computer Noise Reduction, Track divisions, basic labelling & packaging.

$20.00 - All the features of the $14.00 rate PLUS serious up-grade in Analog Playback Equipment and FULL manual Vinyl noise reduction service.

$24.00 - Full featured PLUS "Full Color" album jacket transfer to CD packaging *(see Copyright notice).

78 / 45, 16" Transcription recordings ($40.00 minimum charge for any work performed)

These formats are done on a PER-SIDE rate of $4.00 to $10.00 / side.

These formats can be the Most Challenging
and Time Consuming to complete but,
the results are always the most dramatic.

PLEASE CONTACT ME - Myles Pavelich
@ basmt@telusplanet.net